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  Presbyterian Church
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  Manasquan, NJ 08736

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Good News!

Manasquan Presbyterian Church believes in the Gospel or Good News.  That we are made by a loving God who wants to know us and be in relationship with us through Jesus Christ.  Here is a brief overview of the GOSPEL.

God created us to be with Him. (Genesis 1-2)

Our sins separate us from God. (Genesis 3:1-15; Isaiah 53:6; Romans 3:23)

Sins cannot be removed by good deeds. (Ephesians 2:8)

Paying the price for sin, Jesus died and rose again. (Galatians 3:13-15, Romans 4:23-25)

Everyone who trusts in Him alone as Savior has Eternal Life. (John 3:16, Acts 16:31)

Life with Jesus as Lord starts now and lasts forever. (Romans 14:8-9, Philippians 2: 9-11)


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