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  Presbyterian Church
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Special Services

Manasquan Presbyterian Church seeks to be a place that supports Christian families.

Planning a Christian Wedding
MPC is delighted to help you explore a Christian wedding at the church.  The process begins by contacting the church office and making arrangements to meet with one of the pastors. A date can then be set, and a marriage preparation mentoring relationship can be established.

Baptism for Children
A significant part of baptism is making a declaration of our faith in Jesus Christ and committing ourselves to live the Christian life.  If you are seeking to nurture your child in the Christian faith and want to make the church a vital part of your family life, you are encouraged to explore baptism.  Baptism plans for your child begin by meeting with one of the pastors. For more information or to schedule an appointment, please contact the church office at (732) 223-4627 or email.

Funeral Support
It is a deep spiritual honor to support individuals reflecting upon their wishes for their own funerals, and assisting grieving families who are planning services for their loved ones. Manasquan Presbyterian seeks to be spiritually sensitive and biblically oriented.  The details of our services are guided by the standards in the Presbyterian Book of Order.  Please contact the church office at (732) 223-4627 or email for more information.