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Session Elders

In the Presbyterian church, the governing body of the church is called the Session and its members are ordained elders. Stated Session meetings are moderated by the Senior Pastor and elders are charged with the administrative and the spiritual direction of the church under the sanction of the Book of Order (the Book of Order holds the same authority as does the Constitution for our nation). The function of the Session is to do the business of the church including making policy decisions, developing the annual budget, and monitoring investments.   Each elder on Session serves on a commission and one elder serves as the chair of a commission. Currently, we have 21 elders, each serving a three-year term.

Meet Our Ruling Elders
Ministry Commissions

Support Commissions

  • Administration – Richard Schmidt, Bruce Davis
  • Property - Betsy Orner, Pat Griffin
  • Personnel– Susan Miller, Dennis Roberts
  • Stewardship – Bill Reinhard, Christine Palfrey
  • Finance – Scott Jennings, Sandy Holt

       Moderator - Rev. Jim Dunson, Senior Pastor           
       Clerk of Session - Bruce Davis