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  Presbyterian Church
  16 Virginia Ave.
  Manasquan, NJ 08736

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Monday – Friday, 11:30AM - 1:00PM

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Developing the whole child, the preschool you remember
will become the one they will never forget.

About Us
At First Presbyterian Preschool, we provide meaningful learning experiences within a Christian atmosphere. Our program is designed to foster your child’s social, emotional, intellectual and physical development. All classes are taught by college educated, state certified teachers and a teacher’s assistant. All of our staff are fingerprinted and have had background checks completed. Class size is limited to 12 in the 3 Year Old Program and 14 in the 4/5 Year Old Program.

Our Purpose
Our program consists of art, music, and language activities aimed at improving listening skills, communication skills and self-expression. A variety of play situations are offered to encourage socialization and cooperative play. Included in our daily schedule are snack time and outdoor play (weather permitting).  

Our school occupies two spacious rooms in the Christian Education section of the First Presbyterian Church of Manasquan. We provide an enclosed playground and a bike riding area with helmets. Bathroom facilities are within feet of the classrooms. Children are accompanied by teachers when using the facilities. Bathrooms have automatic flush for sanitary purposes. Surveillance cameras are located outside our building for security purposes. We also have security doors to the entrance of our hallway for a safe environment.

Our Mission
Our program is designed to integrate a traditionally preschool experience with an eye toward the future. We have been in operation for 43 years. All staff members are current with today’s trends in education. Our passion is children and we offer an environment in which each child can meet his or her potential. We feel that a child’s first school experience will be reflected in their future success. Our goal is to develop curiosity, a joy for learning and to increase self-esteem. Our teachers prepare our children for today’s Kindergarten curriculum. As our original logo states, we develop the whole child.

Our Approach
Our curriculum is play based learning geared toward developing a child’s mind as well as fine and gross motor skills. We provide concrete creative ways for children to learn through shared and individual activities. Play is a child’s job. Our goal is to make that job fun!


  • Preschool (3 Year Old Program): Children who will be entering Kindergarten in their school district two years from September. Children, who will be 3 by December 1, may be considered for enrollment.  Two Day or Three Day Classes AM
  • Pre-K (4/5 Year Old Program): Children who will be entering Kindergarten in their school district the following year.  Three Day or Five Day Classes AM
  • Pre-K Extension (4/5 Year Old Program): Children who will meet age requirement for Kindergarten and need time to mature.  Three day or Five Day Classes AM

School Hours
School begins in mid-September and closes in early June.

  • AM classes from 9:00AM -11:30AM
  • Rolling Drop off from 8:30AM – 9:00AM
  • Lunch Bunch is offered daily from 11:30AM-1:00PM for a nominal fee

Annual Tuition Fees

  • Two Day Classes:  $1950.00
  • Three Day Classes:  $2900.00
  • Five Day Classes:  $4850.00

Anyone wishing to pay in full will receive $100.00 discount. 

Learn more about tuition and payment plans.  Download and print the Registration Form.  For more information, please contact us at  (732) 223-4627 or email.