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Men's Ministry

Men's MinistryThe Men’s Fellowship at Manasquan Presbyterian Church is growing and new members are always welcome.  If you are looking for a place where you can share common interests with other men in the church and at the same time grow in your spiritual faith, then Men’s Fellowship may fulfill your desires!

The purpose is to create a brotherhood among men that will include building friendships, praying together, promoting the sharing of life experiences, and encourage understanding through discussion of some of the issues that confront us as Christian men in a secular world.  The men meet for study, spiritual reflection, and prayer.  There are also special events for men held throughout the year.  The Men’s Fellowship deals with various topics such as local and state concerns, health issues, finances, and the ongoing building programs for the church.  The yearly session is then concluded with a wonderful fellowship experience for all members and their friends – the Annual  Golf Outing/Tournament and Dinner.  Besides the enjoyment of the occasion, this event has been successful in raising funds to help support the church’s youth programs as well as other needs pertaining to the life of the church.  In addition to meetings, they sponsor some outside sporting events that include families and friends in order share in an atmosphere of fun and fellowship.  If you are interested in learning more about the the Men’s Fellowship, please contact David Wilenta or (732) 223-4627.